The Meaningful Connection Project

A safe place for all to connection through small group work, circles and meaningful conversations.

"What is Life without connection to self, other and community?"

About Us

The Society for Social Health and Well-being's Meaningful Connection Project is an online community for people who desire to in greater connection and community.  We are primarily here to connect us fellow humans together in small groups online to support the need for connection, companionship and safe space to share all of the life's challenges and victories.   The journey is better, together. 

We are gathering folks from around the globe with an interest in cultivating the energy of connection both in oneself and with others – friends, family, co-workers, and community. Authentic deep human connection. 

We are supported by the members of the Society for Social Health, collective of teachers, gatherers, facilitators, well-being professionals, .. dedicated to creating experiences that cultivate meaningful connections to improve the quality of our lives.  

The Meaningful Connection Project is here to support you through difficult life transitions, important times of clarity,  a feeling of belonging and finally meaningful connections making a positive impact on your life and life of others.  

Will You Join Us?

It's All By Donation

There are so many ways to get value from being a member of the Meaningful Connection Project: whether it’s in a circle or by simply being part of the larger community, be ready to encounter deep and meaningful experience!  

Here are a few highlights of the membership:

  • Circles and Groups that are intimate, safe and supportive through life's transitions and times of joy
  • Gatherings and Community Events that provide a greater sense of fun, belonging and regular joy in our life
  • Curated Articles, Podcast, and Guides to continually grow and learn on your time
  • Coming Soon:  Shared  Learning Programs & Course to Develop oneself with a group of seekers just like you

Other Highlights include: 

  • Introductory Courses to Create Meaningful Connections & Develop Authentic Relationship Skills
  • Curate and Match to You to Authentic and Life-Long Friends
  • Shared-Learning Classes for Immersive Learning  Experiences 
  • Future (post COVID) Local Gatherings & Global Events
  • Access to Curated small groups we call circles to connect deeply with others in a way that is nourishing and makes you feel whole again.

    A Place to Belong ... A Community of Many, Just Like You! Will you Join Us?

Why do folks love this Community?

In addition to online courses, the Meaningful Connection platform provides a simple way to communicate, connect and gather online or in-person, allowing you to create or join smaller circles inside the larger collective and find people who share similar interests, challenges and life needs. 

You can find and/or create circles based on location (for ex: “Local Napa Neighborhood,”) interest/passion (like “Yoga’ community”), social groups (we love “New Dads Needing a Beer"!) or even career ( for ex: “Co-Working with Entrepreneurs” for people who want to work together at co-working spaces.)

By joining the Meaningful Connection Collective, you will gain:

  • Deep Connection: An easy way to find & cultivate meaningful friendships

  • Social Learning: Fun, experiential group courses that re-orient you to a better way to live and show up for others.

  • Life & Transition Support: Circles for support through life's journey in a safe and facilitated group setting

  • Inner Capacity Building: A safe place to grow your self-awareness, mindfulness practice and move beyond your past challenges. 

  • Authentic Community:  A path to being with thousands, creating more community, locally and globally. 

 See What Awaits You

When It Feels Like a Change is Needed

 One of the most crucial aspects of the Meaningful Connection Project is to have the support system for us during our times of more acute need and life transition.  Many circles form and programs are offered to address these needs. So many times in modern-day life we feel overwhelmed or wholly dis-connected from our most natural state of joy, ease, and belonging. Examples include:

  • Dull ache of Disillusionment... zest for life has dwindled
  • Anxiety & Stress is a more a constant in daily life
  • Lacking purpose or meaning in our work or life 
  • Transition, trying to figure out where to head next
  • Ungrounded and a bit all over the place 
  • Stuck and unable to find your way out
  • Hurt, due to challenging (or ending) of Relationship 
  • Alone & Seeking more connection, friendship, and community


The Missing Piece: Connection

When life feels like something is missing, or that it’s lacking purpose and meaning. When it all feels too hard, or when you sense loneliness. When you've achieved and earned, and still, wonder “Is this it?

We are here to remind you that the missing piece is Connection

We can be physically well (or not), mentally ok (or not), and financially secured (or not), but without being “socially well” –as the World Health Organization reminds us– we can’t be in a state of well-being.

This is why we are dedicated to the emerging practice of Social Well-Being:

Social”: for the focus on our interactions and connection to one another

Well”: to create a framework for what it means to be Well in the context of our social connections (friends, family, etc)

"Being”: as the grounded inner-capacity we need to find authentic connections in our relationships with others and within ourselves. 

Here you will find a community committed to solving our own life-quality challenges. Those challenges were created by the dis-connected modern living norms that are filled with little to no meaningful interaction, where texting and social posts dominate our communication from our isolated boxes (home, car, and cubicle) giving us no opportunity to "be" with others regularly.  

This Collective is dedicated to curating and creating content to address one of the most significant challenges of our time, “Social Wellness”, also called loneliness.

We are always seeking and working with practitioners, coaches, therapists, resources, and opportunities to reconnect with oneself and others.

Our main objective: to unite, standardize and create mass awareness on the Social Wellness "Connection" industry.

Will you Join Us?